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We make the same statement to our clients, and the two go hand in hand because each ensures the other.

At Mair & Associates PLLP, we realize that the only way to be successful is to provide our clients with quality services. To do it, we provide knowledgeable, dedicated and talented accountants with an environment where they are challenged and can prosper.


At our firm, you're never just a number. We're a medium-size CPA firm that enables you to quickly "get into the thick of things." Unlike a big firm, our partners know the names of all the junior staff members and interact with them regularly.


You'll advance within the firm at your own pace and receive recognition for your accomplishments and talents. Semi-annual evaluation conferences assist you in developing your skills as you become a valuable employee.


Getting into the thick of things means being exposed to all areas of accounting practice: audit, tax and management. You'll do it all in your first year at Mair & Associates PLLP.


Working with the small-to-medium-size clients offers you the opportunity to work with client management as you help them solve the accounting and reporting problems they face. Specific challenges include:

  • Analyzing a client's operation

  • Developing recommendations

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Preparing tax returns


Our commitment to your success is reflected in the high caliber of our continuing education program, which is developed from AICPA and MSCPA seminars, in-house seminars and programs and directed self-study.


The goals of the program are to:

  • Improve your skills in applying accounting and auditing procedures and tax law

  • Maintain the firm's high standards by keeping you abreast of current developments in the field

  • Develop you as a specialist so you can help meet the firm's changing needs

  • Help you comply with all continuing education requirements of appropriate professional organizations and state boards


Each year, a continuing education program is developed specifically for you to meet these goals and to every extent possible, meet your own career goals.


Our growing organization offers an excellent opportunity for a career in public accounting. We invite you to discover how Mair & Associates PLLP can be part of your future success. If you are interested in providing quality service to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, and would like to learn more, please send your placement credentials and transcript to:

or mail to:

Kim DeZiel, Office Manager 

Mair & Associates PLLP
3570 Lexington Avenue North, Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55126-8077

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